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Age UK Merton is a local branch of Age UK, they are an organisation with goals to improve the lives of the elderly. Age UK offer a variety of activities geared towards improving the well-being, independence, and overall quality of life for older individuals. They recently purchased a Putterfingers mini golf course which they are able to use for multiple events organised for the elderly community. Mini golf is such a versatile activity and can therefor be used for day to day activities as well as one off occasions. With our courses come easy storing and quick set up, it’s the perfect investment for care homes.

Why Mini Golf?

Mini golf is an ideal activity for the elderly, it is a recreational sport that supports a gentle form of exercise whilst offering several benefits. Firstly, it provides light exercise that promotes physical activity and helps maintain mobility, balance, and coordination. The walking, swinging, and putting motions involved in mini golf can contribute to improved strength and flexibility.
Moreover, mini golf serves as a social and interactive experience, offering opportunities for older adults to engage with friends, family, and fellow players. It provides a platform for socialising, laughter, and friendly competition, which can help combat feelings of loneliness and isolation. The game also stimulates mental faculties as players strategize, calculate distances, and problem solve to navigate through the course. It enhances cognitive skills such as focus, concentration, and decision-making, promoting mental agility and keeping the mind active.

age uk merton playing mini golf course
age uk merton sports day

What did Age UK Merton have to say?

”We were looking for activities that got our older clients up and out of their chairs and moving around, The goal was to have them doing some gentle exercise without it being to strenuous. We have run little games during some of our sessions and have also run a sports day where it was very successful. The course is amazing and has been a lot of fun, it has met our expectations and more”

-Rebecca Williams, Age UK Merton


At Putterfingers, we offer personalised course customisation to perfectly match your preferences. Our diverse selection of 5 different course sizes enables us to assist you in selecting the ideal fit. Moreover, we can design exclusive obstacles to enhance a unique and tailored experience for your guests. Alternatively, we can create custom bumper stickers and tee-off mats, just like Age UK did, to add a personal touch. Additionally, we can also provide bespoke scorecards and putting cups!

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Contact Us

If you’re interested in hiring or purchasing a Putterfingers mini golf course, please get in touch with our friendly team! Your can find out more about our courses to but here.

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