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We are Putterfingers – probably the most innovative, funky, modern suppliers of portable golf, leisure golf, Crazy Golf and Mini Golf equipment in the UK.  We invented Golf Hire by Post, the Crazy Golfathon, the Pub Open, the Challenge Putt – and we have revolutionised portable Crazy Golf here in the UK.

There are not many crazy golf courses that really are portable as they say they are!  No special skills, tools or heavy lifting required.  Plus it fits in a lift shaft for easy manoeuvring and the back of most large domestic vehicles – now that is really a definition of portable!

Book a mini golf course hire here – https://www.putterfingers.com/collections/hire-minigolf

Buy a portable crazy golf course here – https://www.putterfingers.com/collections/buy-minigolf

Not forgetting our Putting Edge Rope concept here: https://www.putterfingers.com/collections/buy-minigolf/products/the-putting-edge-rope-course

Replenish your crazy golf, adventure golf and pitch and putt venues with our competitively priced putters and balls here: https://www.putterfingers.com/collections/equipment-accessories

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