Bringing Mini Golf to Schools: Insights from the Cambridgeshire & Peterborough PE Conference

Putterfingers showcase mini golf for schools at PE Conference

This week, school sports leaders, PE teachers & Head teachers from across the East of England came together at the Cambridgeshire & Peterborough PE Conference to discuss the role of high quality PE in helping children acquire the skills they need for the future.

The conference aimed to provoke thought into how “education” can be embedded into physical education, encouraging pupils to focus on having a healthy body and mind.

The Putterfingers Team was delighted to attend as part of the conference marketplace. James and Anna were there to greet delegates and showcase our innovative Schools Mini Golf packages. The event was not just a showcase but a vibrant forum for exchange and learning. “We had a great day showcasing our Schools Mini Golf packages at the Cambridge & Peterborough PE Conference. It was such a pleasure to meet so many PE Leaders and subject specialists throughout the day,” James shared.

The conference marketplace provided a unique opportunity for meaningful interactions between vendors and PE leaders from both primary and secondary schools. It was during these interactions that the true potential of mini golf as an educational and inclusive sport came to light. James noted, “The time set aside for the marketplace element of the exhibition enabled us to have really meaningful conversations and discuss how our Mini Golf courses are such a perfect fit for both Primary and Secondary schools.”

Confirmation of Core Values

One of the most heartening aspects of the event for the Putterfingers team was the affirmation of the core values of inclusivity.

Mini golf offers accessibility, and engagement in physical education, and it was great to hear this echoed in the feedback from PE leaders.

“As always, it was particularly encouraging to hear affirmation that our core values are really hitting the mark”, James remarked. This feedback is a testament to the growing recognition of the importance of inclusive and accessible activities in school curriculums.

The Inclusive Nature of Mini Golf

The inclusivity of mini golf was a highlight, with PE leaders excited about the prospect of adding such an accessible activity to their programs. The struggle to engage every student in physical education is a common challenge, and mini golf presents a solution that is both fun and inclusive.

“The biggest struggle is getting EVERYONE to participate in our classes, but we’d have no problem with mini golf!”

Teacher at the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough PE Conference.

Benefits for SEND Students

The conference also highlighted the specific benefits of mini golf for students with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). The sensory, colourful, safe, and accessible nature of Putterfingers’ courses resonated with SEND leaders. These courses can be used as a tool to build confidence and provide a sense of achievement for children who may not find traditional sports as accessible. “One of the schools was keen to explore how they could use mini golf to build confidence and to give children the sense of achievement they seldom get from standard traditional sports,” James shared.

Small storage footprint

Mini golf PE Equipment from Putterfingers
Putterfingers mini golf course stores away with a 1msq footprint

Teachers at the conference were delighted to note that our portable mini golf equipment has a small storage footprint. This addresses the common issue of limited storage space in schools.

Sports leaders and teachers were particularly impressed by how the mini golf courses could be easily stored and set up, allowing them to transform a sports hall into an engaging and impactful activity area in a remarkably short amount of time. The quick and easy setup of mini golf, requiring little effort, makes it an attractive and useful option for school sports and fun activities.

Multiple Uses of Mini Golf in Schools

In addition to the educational benefits and inclusivity, the versatility of mini golf as a fundraising activity and a general enrichment tool was also highlighted at the conference. PE leaders and head teachers saw the potential for mini golf to enhance fun and family days, serving as a delightful attraction that could help raise funds for schools.

Mini golf was also recognised as an ideal activity for enriching the school experience throughout the year, whether as a special treat, an engaging option for breakfast, lunchtime, after-school programs, or even half-term clubs. This flexibility not only highlights the appeal of mini golf across different settings and occasions but also its role in fostering a vibrant, inclusive, and engaging school community.

The enthusiasm and insights from PE leaders and subject specialists underscore the growing importance of inclusive and engaging sports like mini golf in educational settings. The feedback from the conference is a clear indicator that mini golf is not just a game but a tool for engagement, learning, and development.

Book a Demo

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This is your chance to see how our mini golf courses can enrich your school’s physical education and recreational programs, engage students of all abilities, and fit seamlessly into your existing space and schedule.

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