Minigolf Courses for National School Sports Week

National School Sports Week is the annual celebration of PE, play and sport, encouraging as many students as possible to get involved in physical activity. Set up by the Youth Sports Trust, this year’s event takes place between Monday 17th June 2024 – Sunday 23rd June 2024. Their aim is to get young people involved in 60 minutes of PE, sport and play each day!

Why Minigolf?

At Putterfingers, we are an advocate of the benefits that mini golf brings to people of all age groups. Many of our customers are schools who were looking for a fun way to engage all students. Mini Golf isn’t just fun, it’s great at improving other core areas of development within young people whilst offering a myriad of benefits that align with the Physical Education, School Sport and Physical Activity (PESSPA) framework.

Social Skills

Minigolf does not require all players to have a high level of physical fitness, which makes it a great entry-level sport for those who may typically find traditional sports challenging. This level of accessibility encourages a feeling of belonging and participation from every student, building self-esteem and confidence. Social interaction, teamwork, and friendships flourish throughout a game of mini golf. As a fun sport, minigolf provides the perfect framework for students to laugh and compete with each other as they tackle each obstacle on the course.

Mini Golf Courses for hire

We have provided countless courses to our partners and customers who are looking to inject the fun of minigolf within their curriculum. The National School Sports Week, is the perfect opportunity to use mini golf as a low barrier to entry tool to encourage students from all physical backgrounds to get involved in physical activity. Many find that after hiring one of our courses, the students can’t wait for the next game, opting to purchase after hiring one of our courses.

Incorporate mini golf into your curriculum.

Our mini golf courses are different to what you may have seen by the coast or at a mini golf center. Built to be flexible and compact, our courses are modular, meaning they can easily fit into any storage space you have available. Available in a range of sizes and with flexible course layouts, our courses are convenient and highly customisable. With quick set-up in mind, we built our courses to be constructed in minutes as you can see in this video we created recently: How to assemble your Putterfingers mini golf course.

If you’re considering using a mini golf course at your school, get in touch!

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