The similarities in mini golf and skiing

With a ski trip planned and a love of mini golf and crazy golf I have been looking to find the combination of the two!

I found an article about Eric Hjorleifson from SBC skier, which makes a nice comparison between skiing and mini golf.  Eric happens to be a quick learner and on a game of mini golf with the reporter, on hole three he nails a nice two-metre putt over a left-breaking mound. By hole 13 he was consistently knocking his first shot to within manageable proximity of the holes.

Perhaps mini golf and skiing aren’t so different—sculpted slopes and ridges where it’s all about picking a line and hitting it just right. Anyone who’s seen Hoji’s infamous film segments with MSP or Rocky Mountain Sherpas knows he can pick a line, and that when he hits, he hits right.

The closest I can get to mini golf and skiing in the same location is at Suffolk Ski Centre, our local ‘dry’ slope which has a golf driving range and a mini golf course.  Not that dry slopes are half as much fun as the real powder, but this is probably as realistic as it can get without the snow.  Perhaps a nice hill in Bury St Edmunds where temperatures are currently -8 and much closer to alpine temperatures than usual might suffice!

On my search for alpine mini golf obstacles the only search I found was of this Alpine Adventure Course in Llandudno – many thanks to Richard Gottfried for pointing this out!

Alpine Mini Golf - image courtesy of
Alpine Adventure Mini Golf – image courtesy of

The course holes are completely alpine themed with rows of skis, a passenger chair lift, sledges and even a gondola cable car – this is one I would really like to play!

Do you know of any others?  We also know of an now extinct course at Blackpool Pleasure Beach but not any others!

Happy snow day to you all!

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