Crazy Golf – is it really Crazy???

So what is the meaning of Crazy Golf?  I found this definition – ‘A variation on golf, played on a smaller scale, where players have to putt the golf ball into a hole, past various obstructions.’

So yes maybe true, but why does it have to be termed ‘crazy’?  The putter and ball are the same as used in golf, but of course the obstructions, or in our case obstacles – are great fun and certainly not crazy!

Our Mini Golf Obstacles are made from injection moulded plastic and come in a variety of exciting and challenging pieces.

Portable mini golf crazy golf obstacles
Obstacles for Crazy Golf and Mini Golf

My favourite has to be Towers; those four ramparts are definitely designed to improve the accuracy of your putting.  You need just the right swing to get the ball through the loop on the 360 or to ride the curves of the Daytona and if you dare take on Acapulco, it could be several attempts before the right power is achieved to get up the spiral and into the hole.

The good thing with these obstacles is that every time is different and always a challenge. It really doesn’t matter if you are 6, 25 or 80 – the obstacles certainly bring fun to your putting surface.

So maybe Crazy / Mini Golf is not so crazy after all……….Chris Harding certainly isn’t, after winning the last championship of 2010 in Hastings back in October.  He now holds the No.1 position in the end of year rankings by the British Mini Golf Association for 2010.

Well done Chris and good luck for 2011!


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