Why Choose Mini Golf for University Students

When it comes to providing entertainment options for university students, there are numerous possibilities to choose from. However, one activity that is often overlooked is mini-golf.

Freshers Week

Our portable mini golf courses are perfect for freshers week, it’s a great ice breaker activity and allows students to get to know one another in a stress free, fun and affordable environment. Although it may seem like a simple and somewhat childish pastime, mini-golf can offer a range of benefits for university students. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the reasons why mini-golf is an excellent option for university entertainment.

Mini Golf is Great for Socialising

First and foremost, mini-golf is a fun and social activity that can be enjoyed with friends or as part of a group. Often, mini golf consists of a laid-back and fun atmosphere, which can help to break the ice and create a relaxed environment for socializing. It is an opportunity to enjoy some friendly competition with friends or even meet new people. Mini-golf is a low-stress activity that doesn’t require any special skills, so everyone can participate regardless of their abilities. By engaging in this activity, students can strengthen their social connections and build friendships, which is especially important for those who are new to university or have recently moved to a new city.

Relieves Stress for University Students

Another benefit of mini-golf is that it offers a break from the stresses of academic life, so finding ways to alleviate stress is important for both mental and physical health. University students often have demanding schedules and face a lot of pressure to perform well academically. Mini-golf provides a fun and lighthearted diversion from these stressors, allowing students to relax and enjoy themselves. This can help to reduce stress levels and improve overall well-being. The simple act of hitting a ball around a course can be surprisingly relaxing and therapeutic, allowing you to clear your mind and unwind.

Physical Activity

Mini-golf is also a great way to get some physical activity. Many students spend a lot of time sitting in lectures or studying, so it’s important to find ways to get moving and stay active. Sitting in lectures and studying for hours on end can take a toll on your physical health. Mini golf is a fun and active way to get some exercise without even realizing it. Walking around the course, swinging a club, and bending down to retrieve your ball all provide a moderate amount of physical activity, which can be beneficial for both physical and mental health.

Affordable and Accessible

One of the biggest benefits of mini golf is that it’s a relatively inexpensive activity that can be enjoyed by students on a tight budget. With our courses, they are affordable to hire and you can easily make the money back if the budget is extremely tight. Simply charge a small fee per player, offer a discount to students to make it more appealing.

Skill Development

While mini golf may seem like a simple activity, it actually requires a certain degree of skill and precision. Learning how to hit the ball just right, adjust for inclines and obstacles, and read the course can be challenging and rewarding. Practicing these skills can help to develop hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness, and problem-solving abilities.

Why Putterfingers?

You may ask, why should we chose Putterfingers? Well, what sets us apart from others? As well as the benefits mini golf brings, we provide a flexible course, available in a variety of sizes. With interchangeable astro tiles, our courses can be set up in any way you require, so if you’re tight for space, our course is perfect. Alternatively, if you have a lot of available space, we have larger courses also. With our astro tiles, they are also lightweight and non damaging, they don’t leave marks on grass or floor so whether you’re inside or out, the flooring wont get scratched or marked.

As well as variety, we also have the ability to produce bespoke bumpers, scorecards, putting cups, putters, the list goes on. So if you’re looking to really impress, why not go all out and add the university logo and colours? This really helps people to recognise you and creates a lasting impression.

With hires, you have the option for our team to set the course up for you. Alternatively, we send the course to you via courier you you can set it up yourselves – or to make it more fun for students, get them to help set the course up and make the craziest hole!


Have you thought about creating a mini golf course for your students? Mini golf is a great way to entice students over on an open day. Or perhaps you could hold a mini golf night on the university campus. Or even incorporate it into a lecture to add rewards or encourage involvement! There are so many ways mini golf can be incorporated into a university students life. Why not hire or purchase a course to find out?

In conclusion, mini golf is a fun and accessible option for university entertainment that can provide numerous benefits to students. Whether you’re looking to socialize, relieve stress, get some exercise, or develop new skills, mini golf has something to offer. So contact us today to hire or purchase a mini golf course. Treat your students and give them a well-deserved break from the demands of university life.

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