5 Reasons a Crazy Golf Puzzle is Great Fun!

1. Our crazy golf course is one large crazy golf puzzle!

The interlocking nature of our golf courses mean that the course is like one big crazy golf jigsaw puzzle!  Each tile has a jigsaw puzzle edge and can be interlocked a tile at a time to produce a hole size to suit the shape you require.  The foam edge bumper attaches easily to the astro grass tiles keeping the ball in play.  This 3m hole pictured below is its very own 13 piece crazy golf puzzle!

The largest hole we ever created was a monster 10m long!

Crazy Golf Puzzle Assembly
Portable Crazy Golf Assembly

2. You can get great crazy golf / miniature golf puzzles!

Here are two I found on ebay:

500 piece A Short Round of Golf puzzle by Bob Martin.

Crazy Golf Puzzle by Bob Martin
Miniature Golf Puzzle by Bob Martin

1000 piece Crazy Golf Crowd Pleasers puzzle by Jan Van Haasteren

Crazy Golf Puzzle by Jan Van Haasteren
Crazy Golf Jigsaw Puzzle by Jan Van Haasteren

3. Interesting combinations every time

Our hole layouts can be in a variety of combinations.  Here are some of our favourites!

Layouts for Putterfingers Mini Golf Courses
Hole Layouts for Mini Golf Hire

4. You can build at your own pace

Like a crazy golf puzzle, our self assembly option of crazy golf hire means that you can build at your own pace in preparation for your event.  Whether it is getting a large Challenge Putt hole ready for a party activity or corporate mini golf, each hole takes just 5 minutes to assemble.  That includes a large hole at 5m in length or even a grid of 12 tiles – this takes just 10 minutes to build.

Large holes - crazy golf puzzle pieces in a number of different sizes!
Any size hole with our unique portable crazy golf course

5. Puzzles come in a variety of sizes

As with jigsaw puzzles coming in different sizes, so do our crazy golf courses!

We can offer anything from 1 to 9 holes of crazy golf.  If you are fortunate for a large space we can offer anything up to 18 holes as long as you have a floor space of circa 200sqms or more.

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