BMGA Seasons Only Rankings – mini golf statistics for the 2012 season

Having made my first ever appearance at the BMGA and Putterfingers Oswestry Games Minigolf Championship in July this year, I am on the closing  list for 2012 top mini golf  players in the UK………but don’t hold your breath I didn’t make the top 100!

My attempts to play on our modular mini golf course at the Oswestry Games had me in 53rd position back in August, so I have seen the latest 2012 Season Only Rankings list to find I am not in the last spot, but the one before last at 119th position!

British Mini Golf Season 2012 Rankings
BMGA Seasons Only Ranking 2012

Considering I was a Category 3 Player I am quite pleased not to be last but should certainly warrant myself as a ‘wooden putter’ or whatever is the equal to wooden spoon for mini golf!   Maybe a revised New Year’s resolution is to play in more than one tournament or championship in 2013!

The 2012 season has stretched from the 22nd January to the 25th November and starts again on Sunday 27th January 2013 at the BMGA Star City Open in Birmingham.

For those of you that don’t play mini golf or crazy golf, our portable mini golf courses are a definite way to add an attraction to your Christmas party, wedding or festive celebration.  Why not run a tournament of your own on our modular crazy golf course?  Hopefully you will finish in a better slot than 119th!

If you would like to hire a course before 2012 is out, call us for more information or check our hire page for more details.

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