Crazy Golf – a floating golf course in the Maldives – holiday anyone?

Having holidayed in the Maldives which is full of tranquil beaches and unspoilt charm, a floating golf course is to be built as a floating island and is the brainchild of Dutch firm Waterstudio who designed the project.   More than 80 percent of the 1,190 coral reef islands in the Maldives are no more than a meter above sea level.  The golf course, a £320m design, boasts 27 holes and is set upon three linked islands featuring around 200 villas, 45 private islands and a conservation centre.

It is being engineered by floating architecture specialists Dutch Docklands.

CEO Paul van de Camp said:

‘This will be the first and only floating golf course in the world – and it comes complete with spectacular ocean views on every hole,’ said van de Camp.

‘And then there’s the clubhouse. You get in an elevator and go underwater to get to it”

When it comes to the golf course, the islands will be floated into position first and then the grass will be seeded and the trees planted afterwards.’

Development on the course is expected to begin later this year, and it should be ready for play by the end of 2013 ahead of the full launch in 2015.

Never mind watch out for the windmill – this is one big water hazard, especially for my golfing skills!

Wouldn’t our ocean theme Soft Golf  be perfect for this underwater golf adventure!?

Ocean themed obstacles made from Soft Play pieces
Putterfingers Soft Golf in action


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