A tale of two Februarys (Februaries?)

A (Brief) Tale of Two Februarys

As February has wound down and spring approaches, some (or most) of us slowly come out of a winter hibernation and begin to think of the longer, (sun) light filled days ahead. Though, to be fair, it seems like February became confused and thought it was an early summer month!  In fact, some new temperature records were set, and we have heard that ice cream sales in February were up as well.

Warmest February on record
Image by pixel2013 on Pixabay


We recently made contact with a Canadian who lives in the city of Calgary, province of Alberta. Whilst some us were sitting on the grass in parks, enjoying our ice-cream, and pondering a themed mini golf party, our Canadian correspondent was bemoaning how cold and snowy it was in her “neck of the woods”.  She told us that when it warmed up in Calgary to around -3°C or -4°C for a few days this February, people were outside without coats and some even wore shorts!  I suppose that it might indeed feel warm – especially when it was fairly consistently in the high minus twenties with wind chill factors causing it to feel like -30°C or more.  Yuck. One definitely must extend some sympathy for the weather plight that many Canucks seem to face.

February in Canada
Well, it is Canada.

So what do those rugged Canadians do in winter when it really seems too cold to go outside? And is it ever warm in Canada to actually play golf or mini golf OUTSIDE?

Well, apparently, Canadians are habitually glued to their television screens when the weather report comes on, in (the oftentimes vain) hope the temperature will not be so bloody cold.  As golf courses are covered in snow and ice, some Canadians turn to sports such as curling and hockey.  Both sports can be played indoors, and yet there is the cold and frosty atmosphere to mimic winter outside.  I have curled (well, been forced to curl as part of some ghastly physical education activity), and I have to admit that using a broom to sweep ice seemed more like a pointless chore than a fun activity (and I’m now wondering why we did not do something fun like mini golf in PE?!).  Nevertheless, I do not wish to insult our Scottish and Canadian friends – so if you love curling then good for you for staying active.

As for hockey – well, that appears to be a Canadian obsession, with children starting off fairly early on the ice.  And it was whilst watching the news and waiting for the weather report that our Canadian correspondent saw and then sent us this video of a four year-old who was “mic’d up” for his hockey practice.  (Disclaimer: Putting a microphone on a child is not part of mandatory hockey equipment, but perhaps it should be!)


Hockey is obviously not a super popular sport here in the UK, but, parents, just think what hilarity might ensue if you attached a microphone to your child during a children’s party and a fun game of mini golf!  If you do this, then please, please, please send us the video/audio (though be aware that we might take some creative license with it).

So, my many devoted mini golf blog post readers, whether you are hosting a children’s party,  an office party, or just a party-to end-all-parties party, contact us to get the party started:


Email: office@connectedshopping.com

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And feel free to check out some ideas for a themed event for your game of mini golf in our Photo Cutouts blog Delights of March Part 1 AND Part 2!

As to whether it is ever warm in Canada to actually play golf or mini golf outside, we shall have to check back with our Canadian correspondent again.  Stay tuned …



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