Fun Christmas Ideas For Golf Lovers

By Guest Blogger, Jordan Fuller

Christmas is a fun time for everybody except for those in the winter trying to get on the course, the days are short and the weather is poor. Here we look at different gifts and other ideas for golfers that need to scratch the itch around Christmas time.


Miniature Course, Major FunPortable crazy golf

For golf lovers around the world, it is hard to drive past a miniature golf establishment and not want to go for a quick round. Putter Fingers allows you to buy your own miniature golf set for your home. Yes, you can own your own nine-hole mini-golf course in your living room or backyard.

If purchasing a miniature golf course doesn’t fit into your budget and you are still looking for a fun activity to entertain guests, consider renting a system. Not only will the course be a holiday hit, but you also won’t have to worry about where to put it once your guests leave!

Custom Ropes Course

Instead of getting a course with a huge layout, consider getting the Putter Fingers obstacle rope set. These can be set up in minutes and has endless customization possibilities. You can even set them up for a country club wedding on the practice green for easy fun and entertainment.`

Jokes on the Tee BoxNovelty golf balls

This novelty set of four golf balls will have your group falling over from laughter. With golf balls that explode on impact or make putting impossible, these are sure to delight for golfers not being pranked. An exploding ball is a perfect way to set the tone of fun on the course before the round even starts.

Stay Afloat off the Tee

For the golfer that seems to find water in the desert, these golf balls float on the surface for easy retrieval to “lower” their score and keep them dry. These golf balls are fluorescent yellow and orange are easily seen from the fairway, rough, or tee.

Night Time Golf Roundsflashing_golf_balls

Golf is hard enough, playing at night should be about fun! When the sun goes down, reach into your bag to get these light-up balls to easily find any shot on the course. These make tracking shots during evening rounds easier than ever.

New Pair of Golf Shoes

Golfers are always looking to up their game, new golf shoes help give better traction during wet or dewy rounds. Modern golf shoes are able to be worn as sneakers so they can double as walking shoes for when you want to take your furry friend out for a tour of a local course.

Rubber Headed Golf Clubs

Miniature golf courses come with the iconic rubber headed mallet style putters. Instead of borrowing a club each time, get your own! There are a variety of different sizes and styles for you to personalize and make your own. Don’t worry about borrowing a club anymore!

Who said winter means you can’t enjoy golf? Between miniature golfing sets and joke golf balls, continue to enjoy golf no matter the weather. The indoor miniature golf set is the perfect gift or activity to keep guests busy during holiday parties! Get your significant other or family member back for years of pranks and let everybody get a laugh!


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