Putterfingers’ highlights of 2019!

Crazy golf has become massively popular in the UK, and although we at Putterfingers cannot perhaps take all the credit, we know we have certainly contributed to the trend. It has been another busy and exhilarating year at Putterfingers, and, dear readers, we want to share some of our highlights. So, pour yourself that beverage of choice, and read on!

It would not be 2019, without a preamble from yours truly… Looking back on 2019, we can see the news was dominated with topics Brexit and climate change, and people like US President Donald Trump, Prince Andrew, and even Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The topics, the people, and the news related to them were not particularly cheery; in fact, I would venture to say they are rather stressful. Luckily, our Putterfingers’ team knows how to deal with stress, check out our blog on stress relief, and it seems the rest of the country is certainly catching on. So, now, seriously, let us review the news and Putterfingers’ highlights and crazy golf news of the past year.

Highlights of living the high life!Good Hotel London rooftop crazy golf

We don’t want to brag – except that we do want to brag: Putterfingers’ fun and fabulous portable mini golf courses were hired on several occasions for events at some fabulously posh venues.

• The Good Hotel, London’s floating hotel, had quite the view and backdrop for one of our mini-golf courses.

• When innovators (and geniuses) at Future Space in Bristol collaborate and envision the future, guess what they see in it? Putterfingers’ mini golf!WeWork_Monument_Eastcheap

• WeWork decided that The Monument in London was a great rooftop space to host a round of crazy golf. I do wonder if perhaps there was a backdrop competition between The Monument and The Good Hotel…

• We usually provide instructions with our portable crazy golf courses, but I suppose if you are an architectural firm like Orms Architects, then you design – or redesign – your own obstacles. We also do always associate the word fun with Putterfingers, and lo and behold, Orms Architects used our mini-golf course for their Family Fun Day (held at Gasholders in Gasholders_London_Orms-Golf-Open-FamiliesLondon). Need we say more?

Church news

Yes, perhaps this caused (and may still be causing) a wee bit of controversy, but if the Archbishop of Canterbury made the suggestion that people should have fun in a cathedral, who are we to argue? Putterfingers did not actually provide the mini golf course featured in Rochester Cathedral, but we are certainly intrigued – and available.

BBC Rochester Cathedral minigolf
BBC Rochester Cathedral crazy golf

The BBC and Putterfingers!

When the BBC covered the World Crazy Golf Championships, reporter Kevin Peachey got in touch to discuss trends in the crazy golf industry. This interest from the Beeb shows how popular minigolf is becoming in the UK and how interest in it as a significant leisure pursuit and competitive sport is growing. The BBC did feature insight from our logistics manager, Mr. Richard Clarke, Richard’s name is in the article, as is Putterfingers. First the BBC, then the inevitable next step will be tea with Her Majesty, the Queen, and then of course a knighthood….

BBC article_Crazy golf just got serious

Crazy golf industry booming in 2019

Thanks to Mr. Richard Gottfried, champion miniature golfer and the illustrious author of the Ham and Egger Files, we are always kept in the loop about all crazy golf news. Mr. Gottfried has made it his goal to play all the mini/crazy golf courses in the UK, but with new courses opening up so frequently, that goal is never quite attainable. Not that we think Mr. Gottfried seems to mind.

Back in 2006 when Richard and Emily Gottfried embarked on their Crazy World of Minigolf Tour, there were around 600 courses, now in 2019, they estimate there are just over 1,200. It just goes to show, that the competitive socialising industry really is booming in the UK. And the Gottfried’s mission becomes greater, but more enjoyable we’re sure.

Here are some of his recent posts about the booming crazy golf industry.
New Minigolf Courses in the UK
New Course Alerts
Crazy World of Minigolf

New Christmas obstacles from Putterfingers

There is a reason we are renowned, and it is not just because the BBC know who we are. We are mini golf innovators, and to prove it, we have some created our Christmas themed obstacles for this year’s festivities.

Christmas crazy golf

We are always looking to innovate new obstacles that can be easily transported with our portable crazy golf course. If you do happen to have any specific requests then do get in touch and our design team are more than happy to discuss!

Saving the best event for last

Near the end of the summer, Putterfingers was on hand to help with the entertainment during the Ipswich Town FC Family Fun Day. What an exciting event this was, and filled with products by Putterfingers, Photo Cutouts, and Fun4Guests. Aside from our miniature crazy golf courses we also provided Football Pool, mega bricks, and a photo cutout board of super tall Ipswich Town goalie Tomáš Holý. We were very thrilled to be able to able to partake in such a fantastic event supporting a local football club.

Crazy Golf at Ipswich Town Fanzone

Many thanks to you dear readers, loyal fans, and new and returning customers for helping to make 2019 such a spectacular year. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and happy holidays, and all the best in 2020!

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