Putt away that stress!

As some of you may be aware, April is Stress Awareness month, and most you are undoubtedly aware that stress is detrimental to both your physical and mental health.  Now, this is a blog about how mini golf can lead to stress reduction, but to find out more about stress and other mechanisms to cope with it, I have included a link: http://www.stress.org.uk/

Before I begin to dole out advice about reducing stress, I should establish that I am qualified to do this by answering some important questions.

  • Do I get stressed? Yes
  • Have I done research on the internet? Yes
  • Am I excited about this research? Yes

Ergo, I am qualified and I have transferred my excitement to my research (thereby making it “exciting research”).

It is also probably fair to ask how do I cope with stress?  There are a few ways, and one of them is that I like to make lists, and I love to sometimes turn those lists into Excel spreadsheets (and of course, I love to play mini golf!).  I’m not sure how an Excel spreadsheet would look in a blog, so I have done the next best thing and written a list. See, creative writing and organisation at work, and I feel less stressed already.

I have not compiled an exhaustive list of ways to reduce stress, since doing so would be exhausting.  What I have done is highlighted some of the stress-reducing suggestions where crazy golf scores a hole in one.

1) Disconnect from all the techie stuff (at least a little each day)

Surfing the web does not constitute exercise, and being active online does not equal being active in the real world.  And even though I completely understand it is hard to tear oneself away from my thought-provoking, inspiring blogs, do put down your electronic device and start on the next items on the list.

2) Get moving (as in be active, not move to a new residence)

Of course, a focused exercise regime is ideal, but the whole point is actually to become more active.  Mini golf is a great and fun way to do this, and if you feel like adding a bit more activity to it by doing a few dance moves on the mini golf course, then boogie away.  People might think you are crazy, but if you can have a laugh and make others laugh, then that is a win-win!

3) Connect with people in person (obviously with people you like)

Pick up the phone, dial a number, and talk to someone on the other line (just to clarify: this means dialling the number of a person you know, not just a random number of a random stranger). Why not make a date for getting together and being active? Why not a date for mini golf, be it with friends or family? You can go to a local mini golf park, or rent (or buy) a portable one from your favourite portable mini golf company, Putterfingers!

4) Set aside some time for fun (this should be a pleasure, not a chore)

Seriously, how many people do not like mini golf?  If there are any such people, they are actually aliens, just like people (= aliens) who would see having fun as a chore!  I am certain there is research to support this as well.

5) Smile more and laugh (it will improve your mood)

In a nutshell: smiling and laughing cause your brain to release some good chemical thingies that in turn release other good chemical thingies that then help to reduce stress in many different ways. Plus, you’ll just look better if you smile.

6) Get enough rest (sleep well)

After a day of mini golf, fresh air, socialising, having fun, and smiling and laughing you will most likely feel tired, but a good type of tired – the type that should assure a good night’s sleep.  May your sweet dreams be filled with the delights of mini golf!

This is the end of my list, and I am thoroughly convinced that I have clearly demonstrated how mini golf can help in reducing stress. You may call me Dr. Putterfingers.  

Next week: how mini golf can solve world peace.

Putterfingers is always here to help putt your stress away!  Call or email us to find out how easy it is to rent or buy a portable mini golf course.



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PS  May is National Walking month.  If you go to a mini golf park at the seaside, then take some time to also explore the local town or area.  Talk about multi-tasking in terms of stress reduction: exercise, socialising, fun times, and helping to support local business and tourism.  Check out the recent Photo Cutouts blog about memories of holidays at the British seaside:


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