Hear Ye, Hear Ye: Hasten Ye to Hastings (Adventure Miniature Golf)!

Crazy/mini golfers, important golfy news to mark in your calendars: The World Event of the Year: The 2019 World Crazy Golf Championships are here! Hastings Adventure Miniature Golf will once again be hosting this excitingly exhilarating event the weekend of June 7th to June 9th, 2019.

For many of us avid mini golf fans, this yearly championship is now a given. I mean, if it was cancelled, it would be like cancelling Christmas. And for those of us who are just discovering the delights of mini golf, allow me to enlighten you….


The first competition of World Crazy Golf Championships (WCGC) was held in 2003, at Hastings Adventure Mini Golf, in (you guessed correctly) Hastings, East Sussex. Ah, I remember the days of yore of 2003: Google was around five years old, Wikipedia had turned two, and apparently the Nokia 3200 was the trendy mobile phone to have. In the 16 years that have passed, many changes have taken place (though of course, nothing compares to the drama of the world changing from black and white to colour in the 20th century).

Hastings Adventure Golf
Hastings Adventure Golf

However, what has remained a constant is that hitherto – in the 16 years this tournament has been played – the trophy has been passed back and forth between five people, with a sixth (Marc Chapman) thrown into the mix last year. Now, among the esteemed gentlemen crazy golf champions (namely: Tim Davies, Chris Harding, Keith Kellard, Michael Smith, and Marc Chapman), another name also stands out: Olivia Prokopová. Thus far, Miss Prokopová has been the only female champion, winning the WCGC twice. The first time she won in 2013 she was only 18 years old! For such a dinky country, the Czech Republic churns out an impressive array of athletes playing all types of sports.

How to enter

We must turn back to the topic at hand, as I have (as usual) digressed. I sincerely hope my above-quoted stats have not deterred any of you non-professional/novice mini golf players from entering. First, you could be the underdog undergolfer, and snag that coveted championship! Second, there is PRIZE MONEY to be won! And third, the kind people at Hastings Adventure Mini Golf have ensured that those of us (who despite our best efforts) are not too adept at handling a mini golf putter and tiny ball still have a chance at winning something. There will be “various prizes” for ‘best dressed’, ‘personality of the weekend’ and ‘most improved player’. Hastings has indicated more details will be released a month before the event, so do check their website again.

New! Junior Category

And in case you are still dithering about whether or not to enter, there will be two NEW events at the 17th WCGC. The Junior Event will be a shortened round open to youngsters eight to 14 –a great opportunity for some younger players to start honing that competitive streak. And there is also the three-person Team Event, which we at Putterfingers think is a splendid new addition to the tournament because this is the cleanest fun you can have with a threesome!

For all the deets, check out:

I’ve given you history, trivia, news, and a web link to loads of information, all in the hopes of encouraging you mini golfers “get the putters polished and start practising” (to quote Mr. Simon Tomkins of Hastings Adventure Golf).

In the meantime, for all your portable mini golf needs contact us at Putterfingers!

PS. All who enter the tournament have a 50% price discount to practice at Hastings Adventure Miniature Golf.

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