Arsenal Stars Tee Off in Rwanda’s ‘Home of Sport’ Challenge

Rwanda is known for its football association through its partnership with Arsenal since 2018. But Rwanda isn’t limited to football; it’s making strides in various sports. They’ve hosted events like the Basketball Africa League Finals, the Ironman 70.3 Triathlon, and the ICC T20 World Cup Qualifiers. To celebrate Rwanda’s love for sports, Arsenal players Eddie Nketiah, Granit Xhaka, and Martin Odegaard took on Visit Rwanda’s ‘Home of Sport’ challenge. Although, here we’ll focus on their mini-golf adventure and how they fared on the greens.

Arsenal Players talk other sports

In a chat with the welcoming host, Anita Jones, these football stars didn’t just chat about their love for football. They spilled the beans on their love for all sorts of sports, including table tennis, skiing, snowboarding, and badminton.

As they kicked back and talked about their younger years, the players took a trip down memory lane, sharing how sports played a massive role in their growing up. And, just like friends sharing stories, they let us in on their inspirations and sports idols, giving us a peek into who motivated them on their incredible athletic journeys.

Mini Golf at Rwanda’s Home of Sport with Arsenal

In the final stage of the ‘Home of Sport’ challenge, the spotlight was on mini-golf, a game of precision and finesse. The aim was simple – putt the ball in the fewest strokes possible, showcasing the players’ putting skills on a miniature course that presented its unique set of challenges.

The team here at Putterfingers provided the equipment and expertise needed for this unique challenge. With our portable mini-golf kit, the players had the perfect tools to immerse themselves in the world of putting. Our contribution ensured the challenge was not only entertaining but also true to the spirit of mini-golf. We also provided a bespoke Arsenal mini-golf obstacle to fit in with their theme of the home of sport challenge.

Watch the players take on the mini golf challenge here

A Round Up

As the challenge came to an end, it became clear that the ‘Home of Sport’ challenge was about much more than just football. It celebrated Rwanda’s vibrant sporting culture, offering Arsenal players a chance to explore different sports. The mini-golf challenge was a fitting tribute to the spirit of Rwanda’s diverse sports scene, and it showcased the players’ adaptability and skill in yet another sporting domain.

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