New Opening: Pirate Cove Mini Golf

Golf enthusiasts and families alike, listen up! There’s a new gem in Barrow, Pirate Cove mini golf centre, it’s that’s making waves among players of all ages. Launched in April 2023, this unique establishment was born out of the founder’s passion for mini golf and a desire to create a truly challenging course. Forget the run-of-the-mill miniature golf experiences; this 12-hole, par-37 course promises a test of your skills and an exciting family outing like no other.

pirate cove hole on course

A Challenge Awaits

Mini golf lovers often find themselves underwhelmed by the simplicity of many courses. With easy holes, the novelty often wears off long before you reach the end. The founder of Barrow’s new mini golf center understands this frustration all too well. It’s this dissatisfaction that inspired the creation of a mini golf course like no other.

This mini golf course offers a challenging experience where few players even come close to achieving par. It’s not just about luck but also about honing your putting skills. It’s an ideal place to test your mettle and keep boredom at bay until you reach the 13th hole, where a cold beer at the small bar awaits.

Accessible and Affordable

The founders aimed to make this mini golf centre accessible to all, ensuring it remains an affordable and family-friendly option. The current pricing structure offers a fantastic deal, with adults playing for just £6 and juniors under 16 enjoying the course for just £4.

Seasonal Shift

During the summer months, Pirate Cove is open all day, every day, welcoming families, groups, and corporate teams looking for a fun outing. However, as winter sets in, the mini golf centre shifts to appointment-based play. To book your slot, all you need to do is give them a call or send an email with your requirements.

Exciting Tournaments

For those who love a little friendly competition, Barrow’s mini golf centre is the ideal spot. They specialise in organising tournaments for both small and large groups. The minimum requirement for a group is just 8 players over the age of 16. For just £10 per head, you can engage in some spirited competition, following the competition rules outlined on their website. The ultimate winner is rewarded with a trophy, and those knocked out are encouraged to help score and support those who progress to the later rounds.

pirate cove mini golf course obstacle

Special Events and Corporate Bookings

The mini golf centre is already buzzing with bookings for Christmas parties and corporate events. It’s an excellent place for team building and letting your hair down after a year of hard work. You can combine some friendly competition with some post-game drinks, all in a festive and cheerful atmosphere.

pirate cove mini golf course

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