Marriage and Mini Golf go hand in hand

A mini golf mad couple in the US, recently chose to get married on the mini golf course that had their first date!

Having read this feature this morning Couple ties the knot on mini-golf course I will actually be celebrating my 10th wedding anniversary this weekend, so figured it was quite apt to feature on the blog this week.

Chris Canfield and Jamie Kerner of Caldwell got married Friday afternoon at Wahooz in Meridian.  The couple had their first date at the mini golf course about four years ago.

“Our beginning started here, and we thought ‘why not,'” Canfield said. “We wanted to tie the knot and play afterward – we wanted to have fun.”

There is something about mini-golf as a dating activity and certainly as a post wedding activity.  Our Summer has been filled with wedding bookings and as we are now approaching the wedding fair season for bride and grooms in 2013, we are still seeing a flurry of mini golf hire enquiries for next Summer.

Getting married is certainly now influenced by so many inspirations and often used as storyboard of the bride and groom’s life.

Rebecca and Derek’s fun bicycle wedding was featured in a blog including a unique mini golf layout which was built by the brides’ father and told the story of their lives and each hole had a selection of fun, wedding themed obstacle pieces.  This included large diamond rings to putt through, personalised golf balls and traditional wooden putters.

You can check out some of the images on our pinboards through our Pinterest account –  Putterfingers Pinterest – Wedding Mini Golf

Our crazy golf course can offer a unique layout too, the interlocking grass tiles link together to create whichever shape you desire.

If you are getting married next year and want to have mini golf at your wedding, don’t forget to check our hire a mini golf course 
page on our website.

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